1064nm Long Pulse Nd-YAG Laser

Emits intense beams of light which safely pass through the epidermis to the underlying strata;
hair follicles are eliminated by the process selective photothermolysis, by way of treating the
hair without harming the skin. The wavelength of light created by the laser targets the follicular
germinal cells in the hair shaft and bulb, once absorbed by the melanin the hair can then be
The latest innovation in laser hair removal is to use the long pulse ND-YAG laser, emitting
a wavelength of 1064nm. This wavelength has a significantly lower absorption rate by the melanin
then the shorter wavelengths previously used in Ruby and Alexandrite lasers, this wavelength
however does penetrate the skin deeper, therefore at this wavelength we are able to treat a
broader range of skin types including darker pigmented skins safely and effectively.

3-10mm adjustable spot size qswitch 1064nm nd-yag laser hair removal machine




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