532nm 1320nm picosecond yag laser laser tattoo removal machine



Place of Origin: Beijing, China                                    Brand Name: Bomeitong
Model Number: BM24                                                  Q-Switch: yes
Laser Type: Pico second laser                                    Style: Stationary
Type: Laser                                                                   Certification: CE, OEM/ODM/CE
Application: For Commercial                                       After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support
Laser type: Picosecond laser                                       Warranty: 3 years, 3 Years’ Warranty(not Include Consumables)
Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm                                       Pulse width: 500-600ps @ 1064nm/500-550ps @ 532nm
Repeat frequency: 1-10Hz                                            Single pulse energy: ~500mj @ 1064nm/~250mj @ 532nm
Spot diameter: – 10mm                                                 Power supply: 800W
cooling method: Internal circulation water cooling/External circulation air coolin
Feature: Pore Remover, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover, Tattoo Removal, Acne Treatment


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