EMS Hydro Facial Machine



Type: No-Needle Mesotherapy Device                       Certification: CE
Place of Country: China                                               Feature: Pigment Removal, Whitening, Moisturizer, Dark Circles, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover
Application: For Commercial                                       After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support
Warranty: 1 Year, 1 Year                                               Product name: Hydro Facial Machine
Keywords: Trending Product                                        Power: 300W
Microcurrent Power: 1MPA                                          Operating probe: 2
Voltage: 100-240V                                                         Function: wrinkce removal+face lift skin tightening
Function 2: eye bag removal+black eyes removal       Color: black and white

Needle Free Facial Hydrating Machine–Theory of each probes:

1. Bionic Clip: Through the principle of pulse massage and the principle of microorganism electric current to promote collagen synthesis and metabolism;


EMS biological current can increase cell activity and accelerate metabolism when acting on skin, rapidly decompose the inactive pigment cells on the skin surface and reach the goals of eliminating yellowish and black.


At the same time, biological current will go deep into the dermis from the epidermis, thus producing more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by it`s stimulation. The increase of ATP will accelerate the synthesis of collagen in the skin and make the eye lines clearer, so as to achieve the function of firming the skin, reducing fine lines, removing pigment and removing pouch.


2. Micro Partical Gun:  The ultra-high speed airstream passes through the particle generator, instantly decomposes the nutrients into hundreds of millions micro particles, and then adds the nutrient particles to supersonic through the particle accelerator, instantly breaks through the skin barrier and delivers the nutrients into the deep skin. Then reach the results of skin watering, whitening and skin rejuvenation.



1) Non-invasive technology
2) Supersonic particles,
3) Intelligent distance jet,
4) Instant absorption,
5) Doubled effect.


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