Korea Wrinkle Mole Removal Eye Lift Plasmapen Fibroblast Beauty Plasma Pen



Place of Country: China                                                                 Operation System: Ionic
Application: For Commercial                                                         Certification: ce
After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support              Warranty: 1 Year
Product name: Eye Lift Plasmapen                                                Keywords: Beauty Plasma Pen
Regulated output voltage: DC9V/3A                                              Input voltage: 100-240V
Output power: 27W                                                                          Package size: 38*37*22CM
Total weight: 4 KG                                                                            Color: Gold
Function 1: Lifting and tightening                                                   Function 2: Speckle removal
Feature: Skin Revitalizer, Black Head Remover, Anti-Puffiness, Pigment Removal, Dark Circles, Exfoliators, Skin Tightening, Pore Remover, Cellulite Reduction, Anti-Hair Removal, Moisturizer, Whitening, Tanning, Detox, Hair Removal, DEEP CLEANSING, Face Lift, Nourishing, Acne Treatment, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover, Lightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Breast Enhancers, Pigmentation Correctors

Product Description:

What is the plasma?

The ionization of free electrons will change the gas state when the gas material exerts energy.

The energy applied at this time is: heat, AC, DC, RF and other different kinds.

In the case of plasma, DC current is used as energy source.


Rapid healing, lasting effect, no scar and pigmentation – unique technology.



1. The sequence of spark discharges produced by DC: the heat generated by spark discharges makes the skin hot. Compared with the discharges formed by AC discharges, the mechanism of DC discharges has a great influence on the small parts of the skin and is very valuable. DC discharges do not damage the surrounding tissues.


2. Discharge is a conductive connection between the tip of the device and the patient’s skin. The distance between the tip and the skin is 4 mm. In the treatment area, air containing free electrons at the discharge point absorbs a large amount of energy, causing air to penetrate, stop acting as an insulator and start guiding current (electric shock). Air ionizes and becomes plasma.


3. Through the use of plasma can stimulate cell regeneration, so as to achieve anti-aging, enhancing skin absorption, anti-bacterial skin purification, effective whitening and brightening muscle, improving fine lines, increasing skin elasticity, lifting face contour , removing spots and other effects.

Regulated output voltage

Input voltage 100-240V
Output power


Total weight 4kg


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