VascuStar® DYE

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The perfect synergy
of laser and light

The VascuStar® DYE is one of the most innovative dye lasers on the market. With its revolutionary RightLight™ technology, it is suitable for numerous dermatological treatments.



A Laser Source for Every Treatment

The wavelength of the VascuStar® DYE, 595 nm, is ideal for treating various skin problems. It is optimally absorbed by haemoglobin and acts selectively on the treated area for particularly high protection of the surrounding skin structure. The VascuStar® DYE can be used in many ways: The system is just as good for medical, aesthetic indication such as port-wine stains (PWS), large-scale vascular malformations and superficial pigment spots as it is for psoriasis, warts and scars.

The revolutionary RightLight™ technology

The RightLight™ technology was developed specially for the VascuStar® DYE. Using this technology and the associated handpiece, the light passes through the same colour medium (DYE) that the dye laser radiation emits. Through the physical conversion and amplification of light, the handpiece generates a unique, highly effective colour spectrum, which enables previously unimagined treatment results. With the innovative RightLight™ hand piece, it is also possible to remove even less pronounced and more superficial vascular lesions – with none of the side effects or complications that can occur with conventional dye laser treatment.

Additional Handpieces for More Flexibility

The VascuStar® DYE comes with four additional handpieces. They range in spot size from 5 to 12 mm. This range allows the user to achieve ideal results in various treatment areas for a wide variety of applications – for maximum flexibility in just one device.


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