Zemits Meister NG

Zemits Meister NG
8-In-1 Smart Skin Care System

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
Power: ≤ 75W
Material: ABS plastic
RF frequency: 1-3 MHz
RF power: 5-50W
Electroporation frequency: 2.5-5KHz
Microcurrent LED frequency: 2.5-5 KHz
Micro-current LED voltage: 36 V
Micro-current LED power: 10-30 W
Ultrasonic scrubber frequency: 32 ± 4KHz
Ultrasonic scrubber power: 20W
Cryotherapy temperature : 0-5 ° C
Cryotherapy power: 10-50 W
Cryotherapy frequency: 50Hz
Vacuum pressure: ≥ 80 kPa (0.08 MPa)
Air consumption: ≥ 4.8L / min
Noise: <40dB “



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