NanoStar® Y

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The NanoStar® Y Nd:YAG laser is part of the NanoStar® Family. With its two different wavelengths (1064/532 nm) and its innovative Q-Switched technology, it is ideal for tattoo- and pigment removal as well as skin rejuvenation.




Nd: YAG dual wavelength (1064/532 nm)

The NanoStar® Y is the powerful Nd:YAG laser from the NanoStar® Family. It comes with two wavelengths: 1064 nm and 532 nm. These wavelengths give physicians the flexibility to adapt treatments precisely to the patient’s needs and to a wide range of pigment colors (from darker colors to red). The ultra-short pulses of the Q-Switched technology make it possible to burst the particles without any thermal side effects or scars. This increases patient comfort. It also allows for skin rejuvenation treatments at highest efficiacy.

Reliable Technology

The NanoStar® Family comes in modern design and uses the well-known Q-Switched technology. The automatic spot detection allows different conditions on every part of the body to be treated in a fast, safe and efficient way.

Intuitive User Interface

  • Big and clear 10.4 inch LCD touch screen
  • Big buttons and symbols that are clearly visible
  • Dark background for higher contrast und colour brilliance
  • Clear lines and rounded edges, similar to designed device
  • Variety of settings possible for maximum flexibility



New handpieces with innovative OptiBeam II technology

The NanoStar® Family comes with a variety of different flat-top and fractional handpieces. For this handpiece line, OptiBeam II technology was developed meaning the laser is able to produce a highly precise beam for the most detailed and clean work. The OPTIBEAM® handpieces assure a flat-top beam profile due to their advanced optical technology, able to distribute the laser power homogeneously over the treatment spot. The handpieces are available in squared or fractional round spot shapes (5×5 mm, 4×4 mm, 3×3 mm, 2×2 mm and 8 mm Ø, 9mm Ø), which allows to treat areas of any size.


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