Ultrasonic face skin scrubber



Type: Skin Scrubber                                                          Plugs Type: AU, UK, EU, US, CN, JP
Operation System: Ultrasonic                                          Certification: ce
Place of Country: China                                                    Material: ABS & Stainless Steel
Waterproof: no                                                                   Warranty: 1 Year
Product name: ultrasonic face skin scrubber                 Keyword: face skin scrubber
Working modes: 3 Modes                                                 Power: 1.5W
battery: 3.7V                                                                       Electromagnetic capacity: 500mA
Operating Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V                                           Rated power: 1.5W
net weight: 350G                                                                product size: 168*44*16mm
Feature: DEEP CLEANSING, Exfoliators, Skin Rejuvenation, Face Lift, Black Head Removal, Pore Shrinking, Pore Cleaner

Product Description:

 Our ultrasonic ion scrubber use 25KHZ ultrasonic vibration with Nano technology, this vibration can penetrate into skin around 3-7mm, make skin temperature increasing, improve cell metabolism, accelerate microcirculation and meke metabolism reflux. By converting of Ion, increasing permeability of membrane, make the fatty acid mutate into CO2 and H2O, the volume of fat cells become smaller. If you match with the skin care cream or liquid, it will be more effecive for face beauty.


Model Number OM-13
battery 3.7V
Electromagnetic capacity 500mA
Operating Voltage 3.4V-4.2V
Rated power 1.5W
net weight 350g
product size 168*44*16mm


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