Zemits Quidion 808

Zemits Quidion 808
Diode laser for hair removal

Zemits QUIDION Next Generation QDC Technology Quick Dynamic Control ® (QDC) is a patented technology designed to improve diode laser performance for maximum energy efficiency.

TOP benefits of Zemits QUINDON:
⭐️ Latest generation 1200W high power 808nm diode laser from Zemits with QDC ® technology
⭐️ Dual cooling system with dynamic temperature control
⭐️ Simple and convenient customer records system directly from the interface of the device. Now it’s even easier to manage customer records.
⭐️ Large, color, touch screen with manual and SMART settings with ready-made protocols. The device contains the most suitable parameters for treatment – settings are done in 2 swipes.
⭐️ Intelligent diagnostics system ZM-Save protects the system from failures and overheating.
⭐️ Buy a diode laser with an updated control system – greatly simplify the work with clients and improve the results after treatments.

Technical Specification

Diode laser wavelength: 808nm
Emitter working spot size: 15 * 20 mm
Emitter power: 1200 W
Frequency: 1-6Hz
Energy: 1-60 J / cm2
Pulse width: 10-200ms
Duty ratio: 10% -20%
Working arm resource: 20,000,000-50,000,000 pulses
Cooling System: Water Cooling, Air Cooling, TEC Cooling, Sapphire
Display: 12-inch touch screen
Unit dimensions: 50.2 cm × 39 cm × 110 cm
Weight: 77 kg



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